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Privacy Policy

At RJH Cycle Services, we know your data is important to you. We also know that nearly every website you visit wants as much of your data as they can get hold of.

We're different. We don't set any cookies on your browser, nor do we request them from any other source. Your IP address is recorded by our hosting platform, but this is the case with any and every website you visit. We don't use this information for anything more than the occasional check of visitor numbers - even if we did, your IP will only give very vague estimates of your location.

Aside from that, any data we have on you has been explicitly supplied through our contact form. We will only ever use this for the purpose you intended - if you contact us to make a booking, we'll contact you with reference to the booking and nothing else, unless you ask us to. We know you're fed up of constant spam from every site you give your email address to, so we promise to not join the hordes.

As for offers, we don't try to drum up business by constantly discounting items, products and services, because we just charge a fair price in the first place. Any changes in price, up or down, temporary or permanent, will be clearly displayed on this website.

If you do receive an unexpected email purporting to be from us, especially if it's asking for more details ('phishing'), please do let us know! Do not reply to the email, instead contact us via the Contact page to be sure we get it and not the spammers. We take any reports of somebody falsely claiming to represent us seriously.