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Children's Bicycles

With the continued rise of cycling, not only have adult bikes become much more advanced and more available, but children's bikes have also become a lot more popular and as a result much more technically advanced.

Bike-in-a-box Assembly || £30

For the higher-end bicycles, these will often come completely, or at least mostly, assembled. At the lower end of the market, however, the bikes will often arrive in a box with many of the components loose in a separate bag.

While this is a task many people are more than capable of completing, we realise it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming, and that's where the bike-in-a-box assembly service comes in.

All you have to do is choose whether you'd like the bike built where you are, or taken away as a box and returned as a fully-operational bicycle, and that's it!

Servicing || from £25

Some children's bikes are quite an investment, but kept in good working order, you can often retrieve much of the initial outlay by selling second-hand. For others, provided they're kept in reasonable condition, it is often more cost-effective to service a bike and refresh the cables than to purchase a new bike.

Given the relative scale of these bikes, they are less complex than full-sized adult bikes, and as a result are a little easier to maintain, and you'll see this reflected in the pricing below:

If you have multiple bikes in need of attention, we would be happy to provide a bespoke quote for you