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Parts and Components

Many basic parts are available to purchase, and for a small additional fee we'd be happy to fit these for you as well. Below is a list of readily-available parts and components, but we are able to supply a wide range of equipment, from bottle cage bolts right up to Campagnolo wheels, carbon framesets and electronic groupsets (these more expensive parts are available only by special order; if there's a specific part you're looking for then please get in touch and we'll be happy to supply a quote, with or without fitting).


Through our various suppliers, we are able to offer a vast range of parts, kit and components from most of your favourite brands (as well as some smaller ones you may not yet have heard of!). We can obtain parts from all of the following, and many more:

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We stock not only like-for-like replacement parts, but also some small parts which are not only a physical, but also a visual upgrade.
Want to personalise your bike without breaking the bank? We can help!

• We have a selection of jockey wheels (green, gold, red and blue), some with matching bolts which will be a great upgrade on any bike. Most stock jockey wheels, even high-end, are just plastic parts with a small metal sleeve to help them rotate smoothly. These jockey wheels offer sealed bearings, so they run smoother as well as looking better! We can also supply (by special order) some with the most hard-wearing ceramic bearings for those who really like to push their bike's abilities.

• Chainring bolts (green, gold and blue), to match your fancy new jockey wheels. Lighter weight than the standard fit parts, these will fit most cranks and chainrings with visible bolts (some newer setups have gone aerodynamic and therefore hide the bolts). They add a little accent of colour, and give your bike just a little hint of personalisation.

Of course, the parts we can supply do not stop at adding a bit of colour, we can source and supply everything from a cable-end crimp worth pennies, up to a Campagnolo wheel and groupset combination worth in excess of £6000 (as you may have guessed, parts of high value are special order only. We do not hold these in stock!).

Get in touch to discuss your requirements, we'll be happy to help.