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Marchisio Sprockets

Engineered to be lightweight but incredibly durable, Marchisio cassettes are top-quality items, as well as being completely customisable.

Do you find yourself replacing cassettes because a few of the sprockets are worn, while the rest are still in perfect condition then these cassettes are for you! Not only can you select the ratio that suits you, so you use the whole range rather than focusing on one or two sprockets, but those you do choose will be more hard-wearing. Managed to somehow chew through one of the sprockets? We can supply just that one, and you can easily replace it, without throwing away a handful of perfectly usable sprockets in the process.

The other thing this system offers is flexibility - been working hard over the winter and need a different range? Swap out the sprockets you won't use for some that you will! Normally a bit of a TT specialist but been convinced to try some climbing? Add in a couple of big sprockets in place of some of the little ones, again without wasting a whole cassette, nor splashing out for one you may not keep for very long.

We have both Shimano/SRAM- and Campag-splined sprockets, along with a range of spacers to suit. For the moment, we can provide up to 10-speed cassettes, but hope to source some 11-speed spacers soon to enable us to offer cassettes for a much wider range of groupsets.

Sadly, it looks like Marchisio Engineering are no longer in business, so there will be no more of these made. We don't expect this to become an issue, given the durability of the items we have, but it does mean we are now one of only a handful of places you can source these very special pieces of componentry.

Large sprocket (21 to 28, 30-tooth) £10.00
Intermediate sprockets (12 to 30-tooth)£7.50
Smallest sprocket (11 to 18-tooth)£7.50

8-speed cassette (your choice of range)£60.00
9-speed cassette£70.00
10-speed cassette£80.00
**Buy 2 cassettes and save 10%!**

Sprockets are supplied with appropriate spacers (please advise what speed your cassette is), and full cassettes also include the appropriate lockring. We can supply both Shimano and Campagnolo-fit, if you're unsure which you have, we'll be happy to help you identify.

If you would like to order, or have any questions about the Marchisio range, please get in touch