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What is Cycle Training?

What was once 'cycling proficiency' led by anybody who was willing to deliver it to young children (typically 9-11 years old) has come on a long way. It has been standardised nationwide (hence the instructor title of 'National Standard Instructor'), and updated to be much more comprehensive and much more relevant. While some of the old drills (riding across a playground as slowly as you can in a straight line) still remain, there is much more on-road training, and the trainees finish as much more accomplished cyclists, and if they continue to follow the Standard, typically much safer.

Although in many counties, including Hertfordshire, the courses are offered in primary schools as Bikeability, this does not mean they are only for children. Everyone, from those who've never cycled right up to experienced cyclists, can benefit from these courses, and if the majority of cyclists on the road are riding to the same guidelines, it makes everyone safer.

If you're interested in learning more about the training options available, click through to Our Courses and see what we have to offer.

Cycling is a great hobby, a good way to get (or stay) fit and healthy, and around here, a great way to get out into the countryside and away from the hustle and bustle. Doing it safely makes it much less stressful and, hopefully, much more enjoyable!